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Security Guard

Security Services


 Our guards make highly visible foot patrols using undetermined patterns, making it virtually impossible for criminals to learn a regular schedule. GPS officers are trained to interact with people while on foot patrol, enabling them to get to know those who should be on the premises. In doing so, they are better able to identify potential problems, enabling them to make correct decisions regarding security procedures.

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Temporary Assignments


 Accident, fire, weather or other emergencies can cause a client’s residence or business to require temporary on-site security.  GPS provides Emergency Standing Guard Service at the location until the property can be repaired or otherwise protected and secured.  No worries-

GPS will protect your assets!

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Private Investigation


Becoming informed, educated and aware in your personal and business life can help relieve undue stress and complications down the road. Allow GPS to put our experience and knowledge to work helping you find answers to pressing questions. Our private investigators can provide you with detailed information on any individual in the United States to help you make informed personal or business decisions. 

Security Guard Training

Level II Security Guard Training

Level II (Level 2) Non Commissioned Security, or Unarmed Security, is the introductory 6-hour class that covers the basics of becoming a Non Commissioned or Unarmed Secu...
Level II Security Guard Training
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